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Connecting to the Power

Prayer is the part of our Christian lives that makes things work. It connects the dots. On one hand, we have God’s power. On the other, we have His promises. Prayer connects the promises to the power so that we can see His divine will in our lives.

When we pray, it is like taking part in a great dance. We partner with the Holy Spirit and He leads us in the steps. In one part we dance through our desires. The Spirit shows us which are good and which are evil. Then, we dance through the promises of God’s word. He choreographs the promises we should apply to meet our needs. When the dance is over, we will have given God a beautiful expression from our heart.

Our connection with God is dynamic and personal. It is not formulaic and ritualistic. We need to take the time to get to know Him, and learn the steps to the dance. Only then can we truly connect His promises and power to meet our needs.

Be encouraged.

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