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Claiming Strength over Suffering

Updated: May 9, 2019

One major problem in our modern understanding of the faith is the expectation that things come easier than they really do. We want things to be comfortable and to come without struggle. Good things do not come easily.

Struggle is a part of life. Suffering, while never desirable is redemptive. These things are common to all and to escape them is like cheating to get ahead. Jesus said, “You will have trouble.” This is a fact of life. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t get angry. Embrace it, because there is an upside.

When you work hard for something, you learn truth and grow. When we suffer while holding our heads high and looking to God, we become grounded in reality. This is how we learn the wisdom that is worth more than gold. This is how our faith is solidified. Our faith becomes strong as it is tested and tried. When we trust God through our trials, we see His power as He divinely helps us overcome.

Struggle is a part of life. But, don’t give in to it. Let God transform your pain into passion and be encouraged.

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